Did you know?

Some greyhounds sleep with their eyes open

Posted on: 09th Jul 2023


Recently homed Dan (Some Man Dan) and foster girls April (Monkspath April)and Tilly (Runaway Tilly) had the most amazing adventure this week. 

Along with hounds from other family members (plus a Dog De Bordeaux and a couple of Yorkies), all 10 canine companions shared a fabulous holiday home on the beautiful Devon coastline. 

As an outsider looking in, you may think holidaying with 10 dogs is a hell of a task?  Quite the opposite, as greyhounds are such a relaxed and easy breed as pets.  Taking it all in their stride (and enjoying the odd Doggy Ice Cream), a wonderful time was had by all. 

Huge thanks to volunteers Alan, Bev, Jody and Joe for these fab photos.