Can you give CASPER the greyhound a home?

Adopt and home a Greyhound in the West Midlands

Meet CASPER (PIEMANS GHOST), one of our amazing greyhounds!

Thank you for considering adopting one of our hounds, full details about CASPER (PIEMANS GHOST) are below.

Remember that all of our greyhounds are NeuteredVaccinated Microchipped and ready to meet their loving new family. Could it be you?

Key Facts

  • Kennel Location:
    Watford Gap Kennels, Sutton Coldfield - map
  • Age: DOB August 2018
  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: white and fawn
  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Child friendly: still being evaluated
  • Vaccinated: yes
  • Gets on with other dogs: needs more practise
  • Pet friendly: Still being evaluated
  • Personality: happy chappy
  • Ideal home: tbc but as he's strong not one for anyone with mobility issues.


Casper is a new boy in kennels but already he's been on a home visit with our volunteers. Here is there initial report: 

Casper the friendly Greyhound came off site with us today and for a home visit. This was his first visit offsite. He jumped straight in the boot no problem and travelled well, but he did pop up and down a few times while travelling.

Casper pulled when we walked him onsite so we put him on a harness to take him offsite and this stopped a majority of his pulling. 

He walked well down the main road and was not spooked by the traffic. We met a few dogs and approached slowly but Casper barked occasionally but as soon as we left the dogs alone and walked on Casper lost all attention and walked on. It was his very first time into the real world so this was not unexpected. .

He came for a visit around our house. He managed the stairs no problem in both directions, laminated floor and TV no problem. Casper was happy to plonk himself down anywhere in the house, anywhere that is apart from his dog bed.?? He likes treats, but he doesn’t know how to play very well yet. 

Casper is a lovely dog, when he is walking alongside you he will nudge you with his head for a reassurance head fuss. He kept edging towards me when he was lying on the floor to have a fuss. He needs more off site experience and more socialising but he will get the hang of things in the real world with more practise. 

Early days for this gorgeous boy but didn't he do well during his home visit? 

If you'd like to come and meet Casper and teach him the ways of the world, then  please get in touch. 

Are you interested in adopting CASPER (PIEMANS GHOST)?

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