Can you give Dipper the greyhound a home?

Adopt and home a Greyhound in the West Midlands

Meet DIPPER (NANS DIPPER), one of our amazing greyhounds!

Thank you for considering adopting one of our hounds, full details about DIPPER (NANS DIPPER) are below.

Remember that all of our greyhounds are NeuteredVaccinated Microchipped and ready to meet their loving new family. Could it be you?

Key Facts

  • Kennel Location:
    Broadmarsh Kennels, Hagley - map
  • Age: DOB May 2018
  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Black
  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Child friendly: older children - just to bouncy for little humans
  • Vaccinated: yes
  • Gets on with other dogs: Still being evaluated
  • Pet friendly: Still being evaluated
  • Personality: super friendly and lively
  • Ideal home: Active family with some sighthound experience


Dipper has been on a weekend foster to help us learn more about him. He's a very laid back dog in the home.

Whilst he likes having attention, he doesn't need it all the time and is happy to lie quietly on his bed. He needs more practice when it comes to toilet training but we're sure he'll get the hang of it once he has more time in a home environment and consistent training.

Dipper is getting more used to going out and about and is doing much better at walking past other dogs calmly. He's still a little unsure how to greet politely without lunging towards them but with more time and exposure we think he'll get the hang of it.

His foster carers described his a "super dog"  He "Dipper ambles along on walks, can pull if he wants to sniff something...over there! Curious about little dogs but nothing too dramatic. Stands and stares at the squirrels so no gymnastics at the end of the lead .Not phased by traffic and crossed the road calmly. He's a slow eater but no food guarding. Not bothered by washing machine or TV."

Dipper wasn’t phased by children, bikes or a busy playground. Some boys came past kicking a football which he thought was great fun, again easily moved on. He is so lovely and affectionate. A real people dog and I think as long as he is with people he would happily go anywhere!

They felt that "practice makes perfect" and with a little more experience of the outside world, he'll make a wonderful pet. 

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