Can you give Ray the greyhound a home?

Adopt and home a Greyhound in the West Midlands

Meet RAY (VELVET RANGER), one of our amazing greyhounds!

Thank you for considering adopting one of our hounds, full details about RAY (VELVET RANGER) are below.

Remember that all of our greyhounds are NeuteredVaccinated Microchipped and ready to meet their loving new family. Could it be you?

Key Facts

  • Kennel Location:
    Watford Gap Kennels, Sutton Coldfield - map
  • Age: DOB July 2017
  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Black
  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Child friendly: older children
  • Vaccinated: yes
  • Gets on with other dogs: yes
  • Pet friendly: unlikely to be cat trainable
  • Personality: super friendly boy
  • Ideal home: Just about anyone though possibly not young children only due to his size and exuberance


Everyone Loves Ray(mond) -

PUPDATE - Pet Blood Bank came to our Watford Gap kennels and superstar Ray was one of the kennel and homed dogs to donate blood. Ray's tail never stopped wagging throughout, even when donating! He's such a great absolute sweetheart and a lifesaver. Each unit donated will save the life of 4 dogs. Not all superstars where capes - some wear collars and are called Ray. 

Rakish Ray has a certain charm about him, he makes that gorgeous frosty face work for him, he is a real charmer.

Everyone describes Ray as a super friendly boy, he just loves people and has already got the greyhound lean down to a fine art.

A great traveller, Ray has already enjoyed some trips out and about, including a visit to one of our volunteer's home, and has - literally - taken stairs in his stride, along with laminate floors, the TV, garden centres and traffic.

He gets a little keen on seeing a squirrel - he is a greyhound after all - so might be best in a home without any small fluffies.  Ray also has no idea just how long his legs are, so he might be better in a home with older children.

Currently Ray walks best on a harness and is learning more about life. He just loved his home visit and did it all - found the bed, played with toys (he loves a tennis ball!), had some treats - nailed it all.

This gorgeous boy is waiting for his very own forever home and a family to fall in love with. If you have fallen for him then please get in touch.

If you'd like to come and meet Ray, then please get in touch to make an appointment to visit him in kennels. 

Are you interested in adopting RAY (VELVET RANGER)?

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