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Meet SUGGS (WIND MADNESS), one of our amazing greyhounds!

Thank you for considering adopting one of our hounds, full details about SUGGS (WIND MADNESS) are below.

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Key Facts

  • In Foster Care
    SUGGS (WIND MADNESS) is currenty with foster carers but is available for adoption
  • Age: DOB July 2019
  • Sex: Male
  • Colour: Blue Brindle
  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Child friendly: no
  • Vaccinated: yes
  • Gets on with other dogs: not reactive but nervous and hides
  • Pet friendly: in foster care with 3 cats
  • Personality: extremely nervous when out but loving and playful in the house with those he knows
  • Ideal home: quiet adult only household and can share with feline company


We're so pleased that Oggy/Eddie found his forever home but Suggs, who is so similar is still looking for his...please bear with us with this long profile but if you have it in your heart to help another one of our sensitive souls, please get in touch.

Suggs (who his foster carers have nicknamed Cookie Pie) wasn’t coping well in kennels. We were fortunate to have found a foster home for him where he has settled in well. (He was in another one first and although he was perfect in the house with their greyhound and cat, didn’t cope with their busy road.) Unfortunately, his current foster carers are unable to adopt him and we are looking for someone to adopt this beautiful boy.

Hi foster carer says. “He gets on well with my two greyhounds. Rocky and Suggs love to play together inside the house with toys or running round the garden. When playing with Skye, she can be a little bit dominating, which then ends their playtime.

They all share and swap beds and toys happily 99% of the time, Suggs does have the very occasional grumble, but it doesn’t escalate. Warning received and understood.
Suggs is affectionate and very funny and playful in the house, and he is happy in the company of myself, my partner, and my daughter Lola, coming for cuddles, roaching, and throwing his toys around. He is our little shadow.

He doesn’t cope so well with visitors, and immediately shuts down and curls up in a ball in his bed and will refuse to walk past people and becomes very stressed. Everyone who has visited has been respectful of him and are quiet, so we are hoping over time he will overcome this.

On walks he is very vigilant and nervous, he isn’t too bad with traffic, it is more people, pushchairs, and bikes. Sometimes we can walk past people and although nervous he moves on, but other times he really struggles, trying to get away and you have to hold on tight and try and move him on.

He hides behind my legs if he sees other dogs and isn’t reactive. He’s more nervous of their owners. We had two off lead Labradors come bounding over and the only thing he did was hide behind me.
Suggs is fond of chewing his toys, RIP cuddlies, but it happens if left completely on his own. Suggs will not attempt the stairs and if we all happen to be upstairs for a few minutes other dogs included, he paces about and whines but then lies down.

They have never been left for more than 15 minutes or so completely alone, but they were all ok together.
The three cats he is completely fine with and has no interest in them at all now.
He is very much like Skye was when we first had her, in the way he reacts to strangers and being out on walks as she used to freak out too. Skye still doesn’t like people approaching or touching her, but she now manages to cope at the HRH events we take her to, which we never thought would be possible. We feel given time and patience Suggs could be the same.

We feel Suggs needs a quiet home, no young children, with another confident dog to help him. Owners who will be around most of the time and who will give him space and patience to relax and trust. We absolutely adore him and if we could afford to, we would keep him in a heartbeat, someone is going to very lucky to have him in their life."

We know that there is a home out there for Suggs, just like there was one for Oggy. If you have the time and patience to help a dog like Suggs blossom, you will be rewarded a hundred times over with his love and the knowledge that the world is less a scary place because of you. Please get in touch if you can help.

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