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Greyhounds are mentioned in 11 of Shakespeare’s plays

Posted on: 21st Jul 2023


Koko (Millbank Koko) is a very special little girl of ours, that is receiving ongoing tests, following a near death experience.  Thanks to the amazing work of Wombourne Vets, Koko is still here to tell the tale.  We are launching a Just Giving appeal, in the hope that our fabulous supporters will help us with her vet costs and give her everything she needs for her to transition into her very own forever family. Koko would like to tell her story in her own words:


Hello ! My name is Koko, I'm only 1 year's old

I have a special story, I would like it to be told

I live at Home Run Hounds now, From racing, I'm retired

I went to vet's to have my spay, When something bad transpired !

As I went to go to sleep, my heart rate went real slow

I put one paw on Rainbow Bridge, Was it my time to go ?

I saw the other Bridge hounds, they shouted to me 'NO !

You cannot come here Koko, It's NOT your turn to go !'

Vet lady gave me magic meds, I turned my back and went

The Rainbow hounds were right, you know, Like angels - heaven sent

The vets were very kind to me,  I gave them quite a fright

They wouldn't let me cross The Bridge,  without a massive fight.

I came back round to be alive, with thanks to all their plans

I've had some tests and bloods done, an ECG and scans.

My heart is very different, to all my houndie friends

Home Run Hounds look after me, but I've taken up their 'spends'.

I need to have another op, So I can find my home

The volunteers all help me, but, they can't do this alone.

I'm having a Crowdfunding page, If you would please donate ?

It doesn't matter if it's small, Cus any help is greyt !

Even if it's pennies, Or maybe just a pound ?

Every bit will go towards,  making me a happy hound xx