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Greyhounds are mentioned in 11 of Shakespeare’s plays

Posted on: 23rd Apr 2024


NEW VENTURE - Home Run Hounds attended our 4th Pup Up Cafe Event of 2024 in Nottingham. Pup Up Cafe organisers describe themselves as "a roaming pack of dog enthusiasts who just can’t sit still! Our team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about creating a lively, safe environment for people to enjoy with their beloved dogs. We understand that dogs are more than just pets, they are beloved members of the family, and we strive to create events that reflect this. Whether you’re looking to socialize with other dog owners, learn more about your dog’s breed, or simply spend some quality time with your furry companion, Pup Up Cafe has something for everyone."

Two of our volunteers saw a great opportunity to showcase to the general public what great pets greyhounds make and contacted the organisers earlier this year to see if we could bring dogs who are looking for their forever homes to the events.  They thankfully said "yes" and our hounds are carefully  chosen to take part in these busy events. The most recent hounds to go were Eske and Darci as they have shown no reactivity to small breeds on off site visits.

The All Paws event in Nottingham was open to all dogs and 24 dogs came to play. As predicted, Eske and Darci were perfect ambassadors for their breed, both dogs mingled with all dogs, big and small, though they were the largest dogs there. At times it was crazy with smaller dogs running about off lead, playing and barking but our superstars took it all in their stride! Eske really knows how to work people by leaning right in for a cuddle. He is a real snuggle bug. Darci happily went up to people for fuss and greeted dogs so nicely.

HRH has homed two dog, Mitch and Delilah after attending one of these events.  Both Eske and Darci are ready for a home of their own.  We predict they will not be kennel dogs, dreaming of their own home for much longer as there are viewings booked in and lots of interest generated.

Thank you to Pup Up Cafe for being so welcoming, we look forward to seeing you in Sutton Coldfield in May. Please check our "upcoming events" pages for future Pup Up cafes for our homeless hounds