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At one time only noblemen were allowed to own a greyhound

Another Home Run Hounds Success Story!


Read all about GOMEZ (HONOUR GOMEZ)'s successful rehoming below.


Our sweet boy Gomez is neither spooky nor kooky  and definitely not looking to make his family unhappy or scared like his namesake! This gentle boy loves people and is looking forward to being part of a conventional family as he can be a bit of a nervous boy at times so we don't want to spook him...

Gomez has been out to walk through a local town and park with our volunteers and did really well in a busy environment and waited patiently byt the Spudman's van but the queue was just to long to join in. 

Gomez didn't really pay much attention to other breeds and was happy to be fussed by children. His kennel mate was also out and he definitely looked to her for support so we think he'd be an ideal second hound (or if you'd like a pair, they're a lovely couple!).

 Gomez hasn't been at all shy when playing with toys in the paddock though and has taken toys out of volunteers hands so care may be needed around very young children.

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