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Another Home Run Hounds Success Story!


Read all about KELSI (SERPENTINE)'s successful rehoming below.


Diane Mertens has homed several greyhounds and whippets over the years and when she lost her gorgeous girl Valerie unexpectedly recently she got in touch to open her heart and home to yet another.

It was important that a new dog got on her with her existing two greyhound girlies so we thought Kelse may be a good match. Introductions were made at a very wet and windy Waseley Hills Country Park yesterday and as you can see they all got on really well and Kelse was adopted there and then.

Looks like she's settled in well already don't you think? Diane got in touch last night to say she is a "lovely, lovely girl" Nancy gave her a kiss when I was getting them ready for their afternoon walk and teatime went well though she is a bit of a countersurfer!"

Way to go Kelse. You're in good hands with Diane and you will enjoy the best life.

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