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Another Home Run Hounds Success Story!


Read all about MARTHA (TURBOTIC)'s successful rehoming below.


Marvellous Martha (Turbotic) was another little pocket rocket, who decided she would rather be a pet than a racer. At one year old and weighing less than 25kgs - how much work could a young puppy be ?

Well, as cute as they are, they are not for the faint hearted and require lots of patience and love to help them in their transition into pet life. It also helps if the family has older greys to help them to master their 'pet craft'.

Friends, supporters and life long greyhound homers Kim & Mike are often at kennels and Martha had spotted them, setting about aiming her 'grey-dar' at their hearts. It wasn't long before they were taking her for regular walks with other members of their pawfect pack and the rest, as they say, is history.

Martha settled in quickly to her fabulous new home with all the love she could possibly wish for from both her humans and her new siblings. Huge thanks to Kim & Mike for working with this beautiful bundle of joy and mischief
 Way to go Martha - you certainly landed on your lucky paws there
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