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When running, greyhounds spend 75% of their time in the air

Another Home Run Hounds Success Story!


Read all about SKILL (SUMMER SKILL)'s successful rehoming below.



Every dog owner will know the pain that comes when their beloved pet crosses over the rainbow bridge. Chris and Claire felt the best way to honour their greyhound Lois was to open their hearts to another.

Skill, now called Sally was the luckiest dog to be chosen and Claire deserves an A* for the work she put in during Sally’s foster 2 adopt period, being so aware that as well as Sally being the right dog for them, they had to be the right family for her.

This story has the happiest of endings with the adoption complete and a celebratory walk in Lois’ favourite bluebell wood to remember Lois and make new memories with Sally.

We are all over the moon for you all
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