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At one time only noblemen were allowed to own a greyhound

Another Home Run Hounds Success Story!


Read all about TOMMY (TOMMYS WINKY)'s successful rehoming below.


Tommy's new owner, Catherine,  got in touch, feeling at a bit of a loss since losing her previous greyhound before the Covid epidemic. After meeting several dogs at our Broadmarsh kennels, she decided to foster Tommy to see if he would take to living in a flat. The two weeks foster to adopt period flew by and we are happy to report that Tommy was officially adopted . Tommy’s new name will be Dubh, which is fitting for an Irish bred hound and means ‘black haired’ when translated. Catherine reports that Dubh is a perfect companion, although she must remember to close her bedroom drawers (apparently he is a clothing thief). Dubh must have expensive tastes, as he picks cashmere not Primark! We wish Dubh and Catherine many more adventures together.
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